How to Enter

The cost to enter is$25 for kids, teens, and families/adults and $50 for businesses/organizations. The entry fee is a donation that will be a tax deductible.

Gingerbread Creation Entry Rules:

  • Gingerbread creations do not have to be houses. Any edible structure or design is acceptable. Each entry must be on its own sturdy surface (such as wood, baking pan, thick cardboard, etc.) The surface must be NO LARGER than 2’x2’.
  • Materials must be 90% edible. Only 10% of the structure (excluding the board) can utilize non-edible materials like glue, wire, lights etc

Contestants Categories:

  • Up to 40 entries-Business/Organization Category (made by individuals or a group connected to a specific business or organization.)
  • Up to 15 entries-Adult/Family Category (Adults ages 18 and up or Family members of all ages working together)
  • Up to 15 entries-Teen Category (Ages 13 to 17 working individually or in a group)
  • Up to 15 entries-Children Category (Ages 5-12 entrants working individually or in a group)