Therapy is not a luxury; it’s essential.
What’s essential should also be accessible.

Call our office today and we’ll connect you with the therapist, group or resource that best meets your needs.


Therapy is not a luxury; it’s essential.
What’s essential should also be accessible.

Call our office today and we’ll connect you with the therapist, group or resource that best meets your needs.

What type of therapy would best support your healing?

Individual Therapy

Match with one of our talented therapists; all with different backgrounds, areas of focus and expertise.

Group Therapy

Explore our powerful groups to find support through shared life events, traumas and transitions.

Therapy Resources

Access our many different therapy tools created for educators, providers and parents.

Grant someone access to the therapy they deserve. 

Therapy Resource Group is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Join the compassionate group of donors and volunteers who allow us to provide individual therapy scholarships & free community counseling.

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What makes Therapy Resource Group different?

What makes Therapy Resource Group different?

To make strides in personal healing, each client needs a personal connection with their therapist. Connect with one of our talented team members, all of whom are diverse in background, beliefs, age, and experience.

Find safety in a room tailored to your therapeutic needs. For example, kids find our Ocean Room to be a calming and creative place to explore their inner worlds where couples enjoy the Yellowstone Room, designed to foster communication and connection.

Can’t make it to one of our physical locations? We won’t let that stop you from getting the help you need. We offer telehealth to reach those who are unable to visit our Fort Mill or Rock Hill offices.

Healthy, healing individuals create resilient communities. We make ourselves available to serve as trauma-informed volunteers when local groups face a tragedy or crisis.

A core part of our training, for both support staff and clinicians, is trauma-informed care. All Therapy Resource Group clients can feel confident that our team knows how deeply trauma impacts their life. You are safe here.

While this is a benefit of ours, it’s also our mission as a non-profit organization. All individuals in need of healing deserve to access it: financially, physically and emotionally. Please explore our sponsorship and volunteer opportunities if you need aid or would like to provide it.

What do our therapy clients say?

“I recently experienced near-debilitating betrayal which I’m sure I would have somehow gotten through without therapy.  However, with the help of Nicki at TRG, I didn’t just get through it – I GREW through it.   I’m now equipped to face each day and be a better mom, friend, and (hopefully one day) partner.”

Individual Therapy Client
“We started with Therapy Resource Group at wit’s end struggling parenting a teenager. Our teen has grown so much in the last few months, and it’s been awesome watching him grow. Maria has helped him realize he has accountability in all his actions and shown him ways to manage emotions through tough decisions.”
Teen Therapy Family
“Our 1st grade son had social issues once Covid hit. Once we got back to a “normal” school year, his social gaps turned to behavior and emotional concerns. We mustered through 2nd grade, relying on school interventions that just weren’t enough because they were simply overworked. Once we finally reached for outside help, we started with the insurance based list. Those all had waitlists that were 6 months plus – when we needed help right away. Non-insurance prices were simply more than we could afford. Out of the frustration I conveyed to his guidance counselor, we thankfully found Therapy Resource Group as a new option.”
Child Therapy Family
“I love how Nicki gained friendship with my daughter by allowing her to use art while communicating. I love how Nicki uses books, videos, and crafting to help kids express what is bottled up inside. I just love that we found her. She helped my daughter understand what she was feeling, what to do when she is feeling uncomfortable/scared feelings and what is okay and what isn’t. Because of her age, she was able to explain what and why her brain was doing to cause the flight or fight response. I can’t say enough. Nicki even sat with me and gave me advice  twice without charging me extra or having me make an appointment. It really feels good to know she does this from her heart.”
Child Therapy Family

“Nicki and the team at TRG have been responsive, supportive, knowledgeable, and caring during trying times. Our child is learning skills and techniques that will last a lifetime and contribute to their future success. Both group therapy and individual therapy options have provided critical interventions and contributed to the ongoing physical, emotional, and intellectual well being of our teen.”

Child Therapy Family

“Prior to beginning therapy, I struggled with self esteem. depression, and anxiety. TRG has helped me overcome these challenges that held me back from living my best life possible. While working with the therapist, we uncovered my suppressed childhood trauma and other past life events that led me to seek professional help. I am grateful for the work we have done together and I’m in a much better place forward being healed and whole! I would recommend TRG to any client looking for a therapist!”

Individual Therapy Client,

“When I first came in I didn’t know what to do or what to talk about, but I was just glad I was there. You really helped me learn how to calm my nerves. There’s more that I learned from you but I can’t quite put into words”

Child Therapy Client, 9 years
“Our son has been diagnosed with many things (ODD, adhd, OCD and RADS,). It’s overwhelming and exhausting constantly navigating how to parent and walk through all of this with him and I can’t imagine doing this alone! Thank you to those who donate for making it possible!! I know God called us to adopt him and has incredible things in store for him and his life and we are so thankful to be able to have TRG fighting for us, supporting us, spiritually, mentally, and financially!!”
Child Therapy Family, Your Content Goes Here
“My daughter just started the Emotional Wellness Program almost a month ago. I see improvements in her behavior and confidence already. TRG gives her tools that she has started to use. I love that they are sent home with worksheets, so parents can follow along or give them refreshers.”
Group Therapy Family, Emotional Wellness Program

“We recently really struggled parenting our teenage daughter. I was referred to the TRG “Parent Support Group” through a friend of mine. I’m so grateful to have this group in my life. They have not only been a confidential source to vent, but have also provided many resources to help us. I can’t say enough how much TRG has helped me and my family!”

Group Therapy Family, Parent Support Group

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